Busy, busy, busy….


I have been very busy this past week spending time with my son Ethan. He leaves this Saturday to see his dad, stepmom, and 3 brothers. Since he was 7-8 years old he has been flying by himself from Tennessee to Utah! Yes, I tend to get overprotective during this time because it can be nerve racking putting your only child on a big airplane by himself (of course accompanied by flight attendants) but it can never replace the importance of bonding and spending time with his dad, stepmom, and brothers.

Over the years he has met many interesting people and made lasting memories. He has met the Christian band Red, 2 scientists from India, and a fighter jet pilot, just to name a few.

To all the parents who have to put their kid(s) on planes or buses to see the other parent just remember to breathe and relax. It will be ok. The memories and bonding time with the other parent are priceless and important for your child and outweigh any negative thoughts or feelings you may be having.

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