What’s your passion. I’ll tell you mine…


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IMG_0197We so often hear of “passion” these days.

Usually it amounts to little or nothing more than a marketing buzzword, but passion remains crucially important when it’s genuine, heart-felt, real.

My passion, as I thought a bit on it lately, amounts to nothing much more specific than people.

I’m passionate about people, humanity, human beings, human life. Making it all better.

My areas of interest are more narrow than that, of course.

I focus on mental illness and wellness, growth.

Such is my life, my mission, my dream, my future, my identity!

In the end, though, it all amounts to people: helping people, enjoying others’ company and experiences, learning from them, enjoying who and what they are each day.

Is there anything more interesting, in all the known universe, than the infinite variety of humanity?

268934_176625985730931_138763606183836_486043_3215064_nIs there, really?

I don’t think so. In fact, I know otherwise. Nothing beats humans…

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I am a very outgoing, loving, caring, motivated, mother, writer, and so much more. I started this blog to motivate and share my thoughts and writings. I also wanted to make awareness of health issues along with staying positive about health and other topics. I wanted to see if anyone would even read my posts and/or follow my blog. My second goal is to take this blog to the next level. I want to start a business and be a motivational speaker for any situation. I want to have sessions that can cater to businesses, single parents, team building, couples, divorces or widowed, teens, medical issues, I think you see what I'm saying. I want to write short books that can enlighten, empower, motivate, encourage, teach, and help. Basically, I want to make a difference in others lives and help people see how the impossible can become possible with enough hard work and dedication.

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