A BAD case of Mistaken identity!


Today was a busy day for me. I have surgery coming up this Friday and had to go have a CT scan with blood work today. Afterwards my mother and I went to pick up my medicine at CVS.

I needed some dishwasher soap and as my mom and I are standing in the laundry aisle the general manager comes up to me and says,”We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

My mom and I look at each other wondering what he is talking about. He then goes to say he will call the police if I don’t leave willingly and I’m starting to get mad, embarrassed, and upset. I tell him he has me mistaken for somebody else and I am here to pick up my medicine. He says I can get my prescription and then leave and that’s him being nice.

After I get my RX from the pharmacy I head to the door when my mom suggests I ask the general manager why he believes I’m someone that I’m not. I take the high road and wait till no customers are around and calmly ask him who he thinks I am and that I am not this person. He gets all worked up and says he has escorted me out 4-5 times after catching me stealing things and said he has video of it from just last month.

I’m almost laughing holding back tears too. I gently explain that it couldn’t of been me because I was in the hospital last month. He says I know it’s you so I ask to see the video, he can’t show me, then I ask him what my name is, he doesn’t know then I ask if he has walked or escorted me out then what did I drive. He couldn’t answer a single question.

My mom and I don’t have the closest relationship but we had been having a good day till then. This man embarrassed me in front of my mother and threatened me with nothing backing his accusations up except mistaken identity.

I want to be the bigger person here but I have been using that pharmacy for 15 plus years and I don’t want to have to worry about him every time. I think I deserve the chance to prove he is mistaken.

What do you feel is a good way to address this issue?

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