Past, Present, Future (written on 6/20/2005)


My past, present, and future contains many faces.

Different ones in each period of my life.

Then I see that everlasting smile


You were in my past,

we are sharing the present,

and I vividly see you in my future.

Our journey is easily described as simple, perfect, and never-ending, but most of

all true love of HEART and SOUL.

Our past has been written

Our present is being created

& Our future is up to us

Staying true to our hearts will only strengthen our bond.

They say true love always finds itself back to where it belongs.

When that happens the only words to say is, “It’s meant to be.”

I can’t deny my feelings for you.



By: Jennifer T.

I wrote this one night when I was around 24.  Obviously it was about a guy.  I thought he was the one! We met in high school till I graduated and broke his heart, got married, got divorced, had a baby, and moved back to good ole Tennessee.  I was in the hospital (something to do with my Type 1 diabetes) and that evening a hospital tech knocks on my door. Figuring he was there to take my blood pressure, temperature, and whatnot, I said come in.  Well, lo and behold it was my first true love coming to see me when he recognized my name on the board.   We stayed up and talked all night then continued dating a few months during the summer but we still parted ways.  I figured it just wasn’t meant to be he moved on by getting married and having 3 kids and I moved on by settling down in a long-term relationship (who is my true soul mate).  However, the story doesn’t end there.  About two years ago I received a message on Facebook from him.  I about hit the floor, who meets in their teens and dates, then finds each other years later and dating again in their 20’s, and finally when you think it is over, he messages you (now in your 30’s).  He was going through a divorce, I was in a relationship and honestly I just wanted to runaway. This was to damn complicated, 3 yes count them 3 decades of your heart being broken, mended, broken again actually shattered, and now for 4 years, I had finally found the man I was meant to be with. I shudder to think if I made the wrong decision and went back to my old love.

I am happy to say I am still with my soul mate, 6 amazing years!  This poem and story is just fun (for me) to read.  I don’t think you or I will ever find an answer to the many questions.  I know I have so many questions that I let eat away at me until at one point consuming me.  WHY, WHY, WHY!!!  It was ruining my relationship so one day I got down on my knees and just took one huge breathe and let it go!  I felt like a new woman and control over my heart once again.

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