How negative emotions, can do us great favor


Tonight I was reading an article in the magazine Psychology Today (February 2015), by Matthew Hutson. This article made me think about the meaning of emotions in a completely different light.
The article stated that we have the wrong idea about emotions and are very rational. They are means for us to help us achieve goals important to us. The author of this article felt that negative emotions are not only crucial to our existence but also important to us feeling good. The negative emotions discussed was anger, shame/guilt/embarrassment and envy/jealously.
I’m not going to get into each one of those but the emotion that really made me start thinking was the negative emotion anger.
The number one statement that stood out was how anger results when we feel undervalued or you feel underestimated. The key point I got from this article is that anger can be a motivator for an individual to take action, boosts confidence, but also fueled social progress. Think civil rights movement and gender equality fairness.

What is your take on this? I would love to get your input.

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  1. I learned in therapy that giving into “negative” feelings and emotions is a good thing. We are human & in order to live and learn we have to allow ourselves to feel everything. I learned i shouldnt be afraid to be angry at someone or at a situation. Being angry allows me to see what it is I do not like and what I will not accept. Being disappointed allows me to stop havig certain expectations. It teahes me to trust in myself and understand that things can go wrong. Reveling in negstive emotions is such a good thing feom time to time. We learn a lot about our selves and the situations in our lives, if we simply let ourselves feel.

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