What will it take to create a simple interaction domino effect?



Can a simple hello create a chain reaction? Let’s see what happens. Feedback,comments,replies,etc. are HIGHLY encouraged!

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I am a very outgoing, loving, caring, motivated, mother, writer, and so much more. I started this blog to motivate and share my thoughts and writings. I also wanted to make awareness of health issues along with staying positive about health and other topics. I wanted to see if anyone would even read my posts and/or follow my blog. My second goal is to take this blog to the next level. I want to start a business and be a motivational speaker for any situation. I want to have sessions that can cater to businesses, single parents, team building, couples, divorces or widowed, teens, medical issues, I think you see what I'm saying. I want to write short books that can enlighten, empower, motivate, encourage, teach, and help. Basically, I want to make a difference in others lives and help people see how the impossible can become possible with enough hard work and dedication.

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  1. Hi to all that read this, and no matter what you think, imagine, picture, dreamed of, feared, or just unsure about what this world is coming too, I am here to say (well type) that life has become a media circus, social status, and every individual it seems has forgot that our government was voted in office because of promises made(appeasing the voter), once in office, issues take an all to common role, that seems so subtle it gets lost along the way. Never will you see or hear an elected official (senator,house of representatives, mayors, even presidents,or Secretary of State, the list could go on and on), actually we voted them to office to follow through by doing the job they were elected for, promised, and wrote speeches about.

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