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Harsh Reality‘s Jason Cushman has offered a challenge which I have accepted.  In a recent blog post, he pointed out that the foundation of blogging is the spirit of community with which I agree.  Because we are a community, we should introduce ourselves, our blogs, and our geographical locations.

When I read the countries my readers come from on my stats page, I can only guess which readers come from which locations.  Just recently I discovered that three of my readers live near me.

This will give the readers of the Reflections community a chance to network, meet new bloggers, and have an added opportunity to find new blogs to read and follow. 

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About jenmotivates12

I am a very outgoing, loving, caring, motivated, mother, writer, and so much more. I started this blog to motivate and share my thoughts and writings. I also wanted to make awareness of health issues along with staying positive about health and other topics. I wanted to see if anyone would even read my posts and/or follow my blog. My second goal is to take this blog to the next level. I want to start a business and be a motivational speaker for any situation. I want to have sessions that can cater to businesses, single parents, team building, couples, divorces or widowed, teens, medical issues, I think you see what I'm saying. I want to write short books that can enlighten, empower, motivate, encourage, teach, and help. Basically, I want to make a difference in others lives and help people see how the impossible can become possible with enough hard work and dedication.

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  2. This was the comment I actually left:

    Jennifer (aka: Jen)
    April 27, 2015
    My name is Jennifer and I live in the U.S, specifically in good ole Tennessee but I’m not your typical Southern gal. I started my blog not even a year ago. After meeting motivational speaker Stan Pearson at a college retreat (Student Government retreat, he was the guest speaker all weekend) and telling him my life story in short, I ended up graduating college with my degree in law & minor in political science at the young age of 33! Motivation for Today’s Reality, is the title of my blog. You will see a wide range of posts, from personal, motivating, poetry, etc. I am still fine tuning my blog because I dream big with my intentions. I wish I could keep going on and on but I shouldn’t. My hope is everyone will repost the original post, ‘Meet and Greet,’ and PLEASE READ THIS EVEN IF YOU SKIM IT.

    I am so excited that you started this meet and greet post! I came across your post because a fellow blogger shared it on his blog (Opinionated Man) and I whole heartedly believe that you have created an opportunity for myself and others to build a worldwide community and that’s just the beginning. Not only is there the chance to build a persons reader base but this can help each blogger stay motivated, inspired, confident, & the list goes on, to blog because each individual who joins this community, by not only reading this post but taking part by introducing themselves along with sharing your initial post on their blog and a link for others to check out their blog. Just imagine the possibilities, they are endless! Why stop there, we can become not just a community of bloggers but a team and knowing that my STAT page isn’t just a bunch of numbers, graphs, & words but actual human beings. As this community grows and builds, we must all do our part, basically “There is no I in team.” I feel this is going to be huge!!!! I realize not every person (that is a part of this new community) will like, agree, or support everything I do on my personal blog and vice versa but others might love some or all parts of my blog. That’s okay because we all have a reason(s) why we started our blog. I am sorry for such a lengthy reply. I hope all reading this, sees the potential for greatness that is right here before us. Together we can help one another achieve our goals!