My son showed his true colors….


My son Ethan is an amazing kid, actually teenager. He just turned 13 earlier this month and he is in Tennessee’s state gifted program! He is in 7th grade and loves his video games and tablet. Even though he is no angel and grumpy in the morning, he was faced with an issue at school and I was so amazed by his courage & how he tackled the problem.

Last week my son and his friend were playing outside after school. I came outside and both boys asked if they could talk to me about something. Of course I was all ears, but I wasn’t prepared for what they were about to tell me. My son spoke first, “Mom there is an 8th grader selling drugs at school.” I took some deep breathes and compose myself then asked how they knew this and my sons friend explained how they knew it to be true and said the worst part the 8th grade boy was being forced by his father & uncle to do it. That made my heart hurt. 

After chit chatting for a bit, I asked the boys what they were going to do about it, and to not share the info with fellow classmates. Basically, don’t gossip about it. We talked some more about other topics then they went back to jumping on the trampoline. I debated on whether to call the school principal and struggled inside with the issue. Middle school, drugs, and even sex these days!

A few days later, my son got off the bus and the first words out of his mouth when he came in the door, “Mom, your going to be proud of me.” I had know idea what he was referring to but he was right, I was going to be VERY PROUD OF HIM.

He went to the school counselor that day and told him that he knew that drugs  were being sold at school and he wanted to do the right thing. The counselor asked for the kids name and he was proud of Ethan. He said he no longer had to worry about things and he would make sure that no one would know that Ethan spoke up. The counselor and principal handled it perfectly by doing a random locker check and not only did they discover the drugs in the boy’s locker but a couple other students weren’t so innocent either.

All and all I am more than just proud of my son (his friend too), but I shared this with his dad, stepdad, and my family. It took a good, smart, and mature young man to stand up and do the right thing. He didn’t have to come to me about it or the school counselor. My son has his moments but when it came down to important stuff, my son proved he is growing up and going to be a great man one day!


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  1. That is excellent! It is always a proud moment as a mom when you discover that all of your hard work pays off in times like that.

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    • Your right because I wouldn’t be able to do what he did especially at his age. However, it’s also sad knowing that our children are facing issues we couldn’t even imagine at their age. My friend’s daughter starts middle school this year and they are starting sex education now in 5th grade!