Unforeseen circumstances 


I planned on doing my interviews today concerning relationships. I was unable to complete the interviews due to my health. Yesterday I was feeling a bit off, (more than usual), and went to my fiancé in the bedroom. I asked him if he would help me prepare my medications for my feeding tube. At this time I was experiencing what they call an Auro (basically knowing a seizure is coming, could be 5 secs. To 15 mins). After that I don’t remember a single thing. He said I just froze and it was as if I was staring straight thru him. I screamed before collapsing to the floor and seizing. 

I have had seizures (epilepsy) since I was 15.  I have been diagnosed with 3 types of epilepsy and they seem to be getting worse over the years despite taking high dosages of medications. What I hate about having epilepsy is the memory loss afterwards. I am thankful for my fiancé being there to protect me from myself basically. I bit my tongue pretty bad and endured some minor bruises.

Today has been challenging because for 24-48 hours after a seizure I don’t feel like myself. My thoughts are all jumbled up and my sleep schedule is out of whack. I am trying to stay positive and strong not just for me but also my 13 year old son. I hate when he witness’ me having a seizure and the effects after.  I see the neurologist this week, praying for some answers. I know there isn’t a cure for epilepsy but the medications have multiple side effects. The doctors suggested brain surgery but that scares me like crazy! However, those are my only 2 options, medicine or surgery. 

I know I am rambling on and on but this is a blessing having somewhere to write my thoughts with the best part, having you guys reading my words and commenting or just simply liking a post. Thank you for reading this post, it brings a smile to my face.

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I am a very outgoing, loving, caring, motivated, mother, writer, and so much more. I started this blog to motivate and share my thoughts and writings. I also wanted to make awareness of health issues along with staying positive about health and other topics. I wanted to see if anyone would even read my posts and/or follow my blog. My second goal is to take this blog to the next level. I want to start a business and be a motivational speaker for any situation. I want to have sessions that can cater to businesses, single parents, team building, couples, divorces or widowed, teens, medical issues, I think you see what I'm saying. I want to write short books that can enlighten, empower, motivate, encourage, teach, and help. Basically, I want to make a difference in others lives and help people see how the impossible can become possible with enough hard work and dedication.

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