12 Step Program for Mental Illness (Anxiety, Depression, OCD etc)

12 Step Program for Mental Illness (Anxiety, Depression, OCD etc)

This is such an amazing idea! If you are looking for an outlet to express your emotions or whatnot please join in and help get the word out by visiting this bloggers site and I believe sharing this post will be even more helpful.


I’ve always wished that there were a 12-step program equivalent to Alcoholics Anonymous for mental illness. It wasn’t until the other day that I thought, “Oh, I should search Google for one!” I did find a few of these programs, but they didn’t completely resonate with me or highlight what I knew brought me success. I realized I needed to write one myself formulated from my own experiences and research. (Here is one I found online if you want to check it out: Emotions Anonymous)

I’d love to share the one I wrote with you guys! If you like it, feel free to join me in my version of Mental Illness Anonymous OR write your own 12 step program. Mine is more geared towards anxiety, depression and OCD since those are what I’ve struggled with. I’d LOVE for you to share here what your 12-steps are and we can…

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