1. First, I need to say this is not ANOTHER post concerning reaching 200 followers but something dear to my heart! (Really quick, I have 199 followers, 1 more, & I need to talk each & everyone of you) this is to mean that all of you following or thinking about following this blog deserve 1 blogger to another showing you how thankful I’m of the support!
  2. Next is concerning the headline above, but  I feel I should explain why this is MAJOR to me. I also must advise you, I am unable to release certain information until I’ve been given the green light.

Enough about all the rambling on, I tend to drag stories out unneserary. Even though I am disabled, I try my hardest to do what I can, this blog is one of my joys. Today, I received an email from an old college buddy (we share so much in common when it comes to politics). The email was very simple and asked to call him which I did that second. 
We begin talking about the presidential election next year, along with other talk concerning the world in general & there being such an unbalance in every part of the world (even from every angle you look). This is a whole new topic, so I will get to my point……..

My  college friend back in the days, chose to contact me by email and asked to call him ASAP! I don’t want to release his name, area, etc. until giving his approval. All I know he has asked  me to help in his campaign for our great state. It might be small, but this man will be a household name in 10-12 years. When he gives the okay to release additional information, I will.

I’m over the moon happy for my friend/colleague and can’t wait to get started, hopefully I can get a video interview with him for my blog.

Basically, I just want to share that  this post was fueled with excited and I can’t wait to hit the phone, emails, social media , blogs, anything out there to make his goal (dream), because I learned years ago after meeting him in Student government & the intercollietegate state legislator that he might start in his town but he is capable of growing along the way and would see him running our country in the future!

I hope this post will have ALL PEOPLE discussing their government. 

Lastly, I must say how grateful, excited, and so much more that I have dreamed of this and prayed for this. I am FINALLY getting my foot in the door and volunteering my time, to help a man that proves he is what so many Countries (uncluding the U.S.) needs in their government, AND HONESTY, HONESTY, HONESTY, AND making these governments near and far, that we deserve to be treated with equal rights for male/female, this life! We can’t change a thing if we don’t stop this drama between countries (each country a different female). Guys seems to support others no matter what & if females did the same, I SEE PROGRESS IN THESE WORLDS, WHEN GOVERNEMT STOPS TRYING TO DICTATE THEIR POPULATION & honor the people with office they were elected to.

I guess, I rambled a bit to much.  I will send more about my position, probably next week. 

Night night!!!!!




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