Finding inspiration in a photograph



This a picture I took myself and wanted to use it for our Writing 101, Day 4 assignment. The last task was using one word for inspiration and this task is along the same lines but using a photograph for inspiration. I wanted to use this photo because when I saw this and snapped a pic with my cell phone, At first, I wondered what this even was.

Let me give you some clues:

  1. The picture was taken after a rainstorm
  2. It was taken in the parking lot
  3. It was the beginning of Summer
  4. The picture contains 3 elements: asphalt (parking lot), water, and the yellow swirls are up to you to guess.

I never understood why this photo brought so much happiness in me soul.  I felt this picture capture something so beautiful but the yellow swirls are usually an annoyance to some. It doesn’t bring me down but my fiance and son are affected by it. I don’t know if this is even making sense to anyone reading this but brings joy to me when I view this picture.

Enough rambling on, if you haven’t determined what the yellow swirls are in the picture, I hope you smile or laugh when I tell you. The yellow substance is POLLEN that the cars in the our apartment parking lot were coated in! The rainstorm washed it away and this was the final product. I just can’t explain how much amazement I find when I look at the photograph.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the picture and as always love any and all feedback

Good night all!


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  1. I was thinking of the picture in relation to your blog and how you want positive things in your life. I look at the picture and I see the patterns of flow and movement. Life has flow and movement. Some of the lines are solid and fluid, flowing the current, they surround the broken up patches of pollen just flowing with the tide so to speak, no real ties, no real form. But, it is all part of the flow. Life is like that. For some people their flow of life is fluid and smooth with small breaks now and then. For others it is broken and disjointed and seemingly in patches. But, it all flows together nonetheless and when you look at it all together paints a picture all it’s own. Hope that isn’t too philosophical. 😀

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