Project harpoon


I just came across this and am outright pissed!  It is called project harpoon and it posts photos of plus size women then alter the images if they were thinner. 

Some of the hashtags are #SkinnyAcceptance and #Project Harpoon. I started writing this on August 20th this year and over the past few months Project Harpoon had their Facebook, Twitter,and Instagram pages taken down but now they are back up, at least on Twitter. I wanted to see what all of you think about this issue. Not just editing images but the issue of a womens weight in general.

In my opinion I disagree with what they are doing but I don’t disagree with helping someone lose weight when needed. Here in the United States we have shows that are about women over 800 pounds and their life. I think that is just wrong to do that! 

I hope you guys look this up and let me know your feelings on the matter. 

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  1. So while I didn’t go on the project’s website (I wasn’t sure if I could trust it or not), from how you’re describing it, it sounds horrible. Just the fact that it’s called “Project Harpoon” is awful! While I agree that if women (or men) are overweight in an unhealthy way, they should seek help and try their hardest to lose weight, I do not think we should dehumanize them. A lot of people have problems losing weight (just as many have trouble gaining weight) and we shouldn’t be so cruel. I think what’s is important is that an individual is healthy and not “perfectly thin”.

    The fact is, that being underweight isn’t a good thing either. When I was younger, I was made fun of because I was skinny (not comparing this to being overweight. People who are overweight deal with a lot more cruelty, in my opinion), and it didn’t feel very good. I always had doctors telling me that I had to eat more, etc. The thing was though that for the most part, I did eat, I just couldn’t seem to gain anything. I’m not trying to gain sympathy, but what I’m saying is that it’s not always a matter of “just eat more” or “just eat less”. It’s not always someone’s “fault” that their over (or under) weight. Even if it was, it’s not something that we should make fun of people for.

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    • I completely agree with your thoughts. I thank you for sharing. I remember being underweight and I was constantly attacked for it. I know it’s nothing compared to what overweight people go through but I know this site caused an outrage all over the world. Positivity is the best way to go about things!

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