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I am a big fan of coloring and painting. Really anything that has to do with DIY projects. When I’m in the hospital coloring it is the best thing to past the time. I remember the time when another patient (that was being discharged) brought me her coloring book with a sweet saying on the inside cover that made my day. It’s a wonder how the small things in life can bring you so much joy, happiness, and a smile to your face.

I didn’t learn about adult coloring books till back in November when I was hospitalized and called the gift shop for ideas and the lady told me about the adult theme coloring books. I bought one and was so happy to get it. As I started on one of the pages I remember how the nurses would come in and comment on how it was looking.

The other day my friend asked where she could get one and I told her Walmart had tons of them. We went to go find her one and I was amazed to see how many there were and the different themes. They even have ones that have a picture on one page and a place to write your feelings on the other page. Needless to say the adult coloring is definitely catching on! I am currently working on one that is poster sized. It will take easily 3-6 months to complete.

The main reason I wanted to write about this subject today is because I have found that doing projects like coloring can be very uplifting. It also can help with stress, anxiety, and more. When you finish it you feel happy, joy, and motivated to do more activities like it. At least I do.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Please share!

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  1. Hi Jen. We met at Blogging World and lost contact. I have a goal to visit, follow, and reconnect with all of my fellow Blogger World internet friends. Now, as for adult coloring books. I have bought a few and tried to color. What I found is, I like to create my own designs. I guess you could call it doodling.

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  2. I have just lately discovered adult colouring books. I’ve always enjoyed colouring along with the little ones at school, or with my granddaughter, and the idea of a colouring book for ME really appeals.

    My unfortunate situation is that the teacher part of me (or the OCD part?) wants to keep the book clean and unblemished (pages photocopied for use) so that pages can be done over again when so desired.

    I have not begun to enjoy the two books I bought because my copier is out of ink! How awful is that????

    Help!!!!! 😉


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    • Well my son is about to be 14 so no more coloring with him. But I do with my 6 year old niece. I see the teacher side coming out. Just remember this is for you and only you! Pick out a book you like and just start one at a time. It might take awhile but eventually you will get in the groove of it. Before you know it you will relaxed and tension free. Much love-Jen

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