The New Glow in Town


I had to share this post because it is a beautiful post with words and absolutely gorgeous pictures! Knowing the artwork was created by silk that glows in the night made the beauty even more special.

Twisted Top in Flip Flops

From the day I moved to Abu Dhabi and I started making day trips to Dubai, I have noticed this pattern of growing evolution of the city. Every time, a new thing has been dded to make the city more appealing for the tourists. The recent addition to this trend is the Dubai Glow Garden. Dubai Municipality has created a $8 million glow-in-the-dark garden at Zabeel Park, which has been made publicly accessible on 23rd December 2015. The initial plan was to limit the opening till 30th April 2016, but there is a chance that it might be extended till May 2016.


You must be wondering what is so great about a glowing garden. Well the main aim or intention is to showcase the talent and artworks by 150 artists from around the world. Each artifact is created using silk that glows at night, giving up an impression of…

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