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Do you want a blog review or interview for your blog?


I wanted to start doing blog reviews last month but didn’t get around to it. As long as I have the desire from other bloggers then I will start weekly blog reviews. I only want to do 3 blogs a week. 

I am always looking for bloggers wanting to do an interview with me. I like to focus on the persons’ blog and then focus on questions about their blog or an interview focused on motivation along with the other categories on my blog.

If interested please comment below and contact me by email at Please include in the subject line which your interested in and a little something about what your interested in talking about (interview) or information about your blog (blog reviews).

If I don’t get enough interest then I will let everyone know. I hope you give either choice a consideration.

Much love


Challenge the clichés


I had to think about this one for a bit.  I started by looking up the definition on Google.  Basically, a cliche is a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.

The first few that came to mind were:

  1. Blondes have more fun
  2. At the speed of light
  3. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed
  4. Better safe than sorry
  5. Absence makes the heart grow fonder
  6. Actions speak louder than words
  7. Any friend or yours is a friend of mine
  8. Do you think I’m made of money
  9. Don’t beat around the bush
  10. When life gives you lemons make lemonade

However, my fiance said a lot of cliches are more of an aphorism.  I had no idea what that meant so I Googled the definition.  An aphorism is a short phrase that expresses a true or wise idea.  An example would be if it ain’t broke don’t fix it or all dogs go to heaven.

The above sayings I believe are a bit of cliches and aphorisms.  Now as the title says, “Challenge the cliches.”  I think I am going to choose just one and write about it.

The cliche I decided to write about was number 6, “Actions speak louder than words.”  I think this can relate to all of us as bloggers, especially myself.  I have been notorious for saying I’m going to do something then not do it.  I also think this speaks to me when it comes to friendships.  I have lost many friends that I thought were friends but in the end were not.  Talking about friendships, if you’re going to do something that is lacking or bugging your friend and you said you would change it, then as they say, actions speak louder than words.  This saying can relate to parenting, relationships, and even my health.

Using this cliche as an example in my health is at my appointment the doctor asks me to start taking this medicine to say help my nutrition levels.  When I show up for the next visit my doctor tells me that my levels are still low and I admit that I haven’t been taking the medicine but I promise I will start taking my health more serious and take the medicine.  I start taking the medicine as prescribed and by the third visit the doctor comes in saying my nutrition levels are better and my health is looking better.  After all is said and done, actions did speak louder than words!

Are there any cliches that you think people use way too much?  If you could choose a cliche which one would you choose and why?  I am hoping to get some great comments on this.  Thank you for reading as always!!!




2nd quote of 3 day challenge 


This is my 2nd quote of the 3 day challenge.  I know I haven’t stayed within the 3 days of the challenge but I want to at least do the 3 quotes.  I think this quote speaks for itself.  I believe that it is very true and I have experienced each and every sentence sometime in my life.


ONE WORD, can end a FIGHT.


ONE PERSON, can change your LIFE.”

How about yourself?  What do you think about this quote?  I would love to hear everyone’s comments as usual.  I have also listed three nominees at the bottom for the challenge.

Challenge rules and nominees:


  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Post 3 quotes in 3 days
  3. For each post nominate 3 other bloggers for the challenge





Merry Christmas video 


This video is just something I created for fun and free on the elf app. I thought it might bring a smile because it did for me. The faces of the Elfs are myself, niece, son, sister and my boyfriend. I hope you enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

This BLOG is looking for YOU!


To kick things off, I was discharged from the hospital today! I was welcomed home with love from my son, Ethan (waiting on the front porch), my dog, Buddy barking and jumping like crazy, and my boyfriend. Hugs all around! It was nice to come home to a clean house with nothing for me to do except rest and well, BLOG.

I am laying out ideas for creating my blog more user friendly with added features. This is where my fellow readers/followers come in. HEY YOU OVERTHERE, I’M TALKING TO YOU AND YOU AND EVEN YOU!

As one blogger to another, I am asking for your input. Each one of you. Please comment below with what you want to see when you come by this blog. Don’t be shy, honesty is the best policy! I created this blog not for myself but to reach others allowing them to truly know that they aren’t alone and someone is listening. 

I am looking forward to hearing your feedback, ideas, thoughts, and even bloggers who want to do an interview with me. If interested in doing an interview, leave a link to your blog and why you want to do an interview. I will make sure to get back each person. 

Happy Anniversary!!!


Happy anniversary to my boyfriend, Ryan.  It has been 7 years today.  In some states we would be married by common law. Even though we haven’t taken the next step, marriage, we have our reasons.  We know the day will come but my soul mate, true love, babe, or just my man Ryan, has a wish for our wedding day.

That WISH is:

“Jen I want you to be healthy when you walk down the aisle and strong enough to enjoy our wedding, reception, and honeymoon.”

Ryan has been by my side through it all and he is my hero.  He has never judged me by my past, health issues, and always loved me for me!

Happy Anniversary, my love! I have loved through it all.  I still remember our 1st date and how I couldn’t wait to call my mom because I knew that very night you were the one and I finally found true love.  Thank you!  I love you!!!