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Trying the catch up game


I wanted to share with everyone that I’ve been a bit behind on all my emails due to surgery on Thursday. I have some great bloggers I’m working with on doing interviews!

I may do the blog reviews but haven’t had much interest in them. Please never hesitate to email me at jenmotivates12@gmail.com if interested in doing something with me on my blog or for your blog! 

I don’t want to do interviews back to back so that each blogger has their day for their interview. I hope that is understandable.

Much love


A simple THANK YOU 


I talked about coloring the other day and found an app on my iPad to color pictures (so to say). I created this one below for all my readers/followers/bloggers community. It’s just the simple saying, “Thank you.”

I wanted to say to everyone how thankful I am to have such an amazing community and am grateful for the people I have met through my blog. I never thought I would meet so many wonderful bloggers that have not only read my posts but the inspiration I have found by reading all of your blogs.  

Much love


2nd quote of 3 day challenge 


This is my 2nd quote of the 3 day challenge.  I know I haven’t stayed within the 3 days of the challenge but I want to at least do the 3 quotes.  I think this quote speaks for itself.  I believe that it is very true and I have experienced each and every sentence sometime in my life.


ONE WORD, can end a FIGHT.


ONE PERSON, can change your LIFE.”

How about yourself?  What do you think about this quote?  I would love to hear everyone’s comments as usual.  I have also listed three nominees at the bottom for the challenge.

Challenge rules and nominees:


  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Post 3 quotes in 3 days
  3. For each post nominate 3 other bloggers for the challenge


  1. https://hugsandblessings.com
  2. https://donmassenzio.wordpress.com
  3. https://outloudkaren.wordpress.com



What is coming up….


I’ve been at a loss on what to share next, since my interview with Jason (OpinionatedMan). Here is what I have cooking.

  1. An interview with my teenage son, Ethan about school and growing up.
  2. My birthday is next Wednesday and I will be 35. Kinda freaking out about it.
  3. Hopefully more interviews with you guys out there.
  4. Looking for bloggers who want to be in the first weekly blog review next week. I’m going to be doing 5 blogs at a time.
  5. Who knows, lol


What was your favorite game….


Source: What was your favorite game….

I published this yesterday and decided to reblog it today, hoping that readers will be willing to share more because I have been encouraged by 2 bloggers to make this a weekly post. You can click on the link above for the original post but no need, here is the post:

What is your favorite pastime game or TV show to watch? Please comment below.

I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and a friend of mine asked this question on Facebook. I thought it would be fun to think back, before social media, about it. 
I was born in 1981 to give you an idea. I loved to play tag, red rover, freeze tag, hide and seek, jump rope, dodgeball, and take a big box outside and play house. As I got a bit older we got a trampoline that my sister and I loved to jump on. Before my parents got our basement finished we would skate downstairs then rollerblades came out. That was all the rage! Of course bike riding was fun too. I have always loved writing so I had my secret diary with key then a journal as I got older. In school, I loved getting notes in my locker, sleepovers, and talking on the phone. I can’t forget love letters and secret admirers.
When it comes to television, I mainly watched Saturday morning shows. My favorite was Saved by the Bell! Other shows I liked were Full House, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and of course after school specials. I loved my music and loved getting a CD or recording tapes of songs from the radio. The best is getting a tape from a boy with love songs. My favorite band/singers/boy bands were Aerosmith, Boys to Men, The Quad City djs, Micheal Jackson, Paula Abdul, Nirvana, Insync (Justin Timberlake), Jessica Simpson, and the list goes on.
Please comment below and share your pastime memories. I look forward to hearing from all of you reading this.

I have decided to make this a weekly post on Tuesdays. Please feel free to comment any topics you want to see and I will try to include them. I have shared the links to the blogs of the bloggers who encouraged me below. 

Blog links:

1) http://www.gettingthroughanxiety.wordpress.com

        This blogger was the ONE WHO SUGGESTED doing this as a weekly post and gave me ideas. You can see the comments in the 1st post or the link at the very top. I want to say thank you for making me feel like I can do this! 

        ***This blog is very helpful in so many ways! The title of the blog gives you an idea but there is more then meets the eye.***

2) http://www.aopinionatedman.com

        Thank you for reading my email and responding so quickly. When I asked for your opinion and thoughts, you gave me encouragement, by telling me to go for it. Thanks again!

        I encourage all of you reading this to checkout both blogs because each blog is special and different in their own ways but BOTH BLOGS are active in the blogging community! They each impact the community in different ways but the important part is how supportive, inspiring, motivating, and encouraging to fellow bloggers.  

 Thank you ALL who took the time to read this post, commented, or suggested topics.



Check this out, made my day!


This is one of my TOP blogs and my blog was one of the ones reviewed. I was so happy when I read the weekly blog review Jason does. I included the link to the post. Please check it out and all his other great posts!




Let me know if the links don’t work.



What a GREAT ending to Monday! (I meant to post this yesterday)


Today I was nominated for the very first time for LIEBSTER award, an extremely inspiration writer, gives back to the community and encouraging. I was super excited when I received a notification for a comment approval on my blog. All the comment said I had been nominated! I didn’t have to think twice about accepting it.  Before I more any further, I want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to the person that nominated:


I have been trying to put into words to show my appreciation and gratefulness, but it is kinda hard giving the right vibe through a blog post on a computer. 🙂  I just want to make sure it is know that I am beyond thankful for nominating me. I encourage each and every person reading this that will go by her blog. When you checkout new blogs (to you especially, you never know what you may learn, find, inspire, and who knows).

I still have 11 questions to get to , but I need to get my thank you out, answer the questions, contact the 10 blogs I nominated and then create 11 questions for the bloggers I nominated. To top it all off I just found out I was nominated for a second Liebster Award.

Oh, how I am going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this weekend!

Rules for the award (if you choose to accept it)

  • Make a post that thanks the person who nominate you along with thanking them. Make sure to include the award sticker to your post.
  • Nominate 5-10 bloggers and make sure to notify them through a comment on a post.
  • All nominated bloggers are to have to less than 200 followers but I feel that just because a person has loads of followers doesn’t mean anything all the time, so my rule of thumb is choosing blogs less than 400-500 followers
  • Don’t forget to post the rules in your post, also
  • Lastly, the blogger who nominated you will ask you a serious of 11 questions to answer  and I will have 11 questions for the blogs that I nominated, or you can repeat the same questions.


I have decided to nominate the following bloggers for THE LIEBSTER AWARD:

  1. http://amusingmyselfmusings.com/
  2. https://wehaveapples.wordpress.com/
  3. http://bigredcarpetnursing.com/
  4. https://beinganeccentric.wordpress.com/
  5. http://amusingmyselfmusings.com/
  6. http://keithgarrettpoetry.com/
  7. http://dauglyducklin.org/
  8. http://notinmyworld.org/
  9. https://blabberwockying.wordpress.com/
  10. https://therantaman.wordpress.com/