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Needed advice/help/suggestion/etc.


I wanted to say that I am determined to create an ebook by the summer. I really want to involve the blogger/readers/&writers community.

I will catch up soon with the quote challenge.

Back to writing an ebook and making money. 

  1. My first question is what would make you read a particular ebook?
  2. What genre is your favorite?
  3. What do you think the length should be?
  4. If you like short stories, then why do you prefer these.
  5. This is my idea. Doing by decades starting with the 70’s and have 3-5 short stories, 3 poems and pictures. This would be each decade with closer observation on the 2000’s.

I really need your all guidance. Thank you kindly!


Who many of YOU would…


I have been working on my 1st ebook to publish and sale on Amazon. The ebook will be one of three that will each be sold at less than $1.00.

To give you an idea of the 1st book here is a brief description. Since my blog is Motivation for Today’s Reality, I felt the initial book of the three be about the influence media has over our life from reality television, social media, music, celebrities lives, and the list is unbelievable long. There are studies showing that 98% of the brain and way of thinking from birth to our current age is a direct influence from the media. There is much more to the story with more in depth information but I can’t give away to much.

Personally, I would be grateful, if my fellow bloggers and readers would comment about their views and if you would be interested in purchasing a book for less than a $1 and the other 2 books of the series will be each $1 too. The second book concerns growing up, Your an adult now what, and the last book of the 3 will be inspiring stories based off actual true events letting the reader know they aren’t alone.

I hope to get some feedback/comments from you all and if you would rather contact me personally please do at, jenmotivates12@gmail.com.

What more can I do?


I am wanting to interact with my fellow bloggers/readers/team players but I seem to be having trouble getting any response from anyone. What can I do to REALLY grab your attention because my goal is to turn my experiences into motivation for others.
I am working on an ebook that will be interactive for readers so that the readers can choose which path is best for them. I set up my email so that I can be reached for personal interaction.
This blog was created to bring more positivity, empowerment, and motivation for all but I can’t make this happen without your feedback. Please help me or show me, anything that I can draw in more of an audience but most important, feedback and support.