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Update on Cinderella and my son


I guess I will start with my son. As most of you know he severely burnt his arm from the elbow to his hand with cooking oil. It was awful! With proper ointment and all my readers, followers, and blogger families wonderful prayers, good thoughts, kind words and more, I’m proud to say his arm has healed amazingly! No infection and just 2 nasty scabs I got to keep him from picking at. He returns to school tomorrow and since it is cold here, he will be able to wear long sleeves. He won’t have to be answering loads of questions.

Second, is my Cinderella rags post about cleaning before my family came over on January 1st to exchange presents since I was sick on Christmas. My mom can be a stickler on cleanliness. I am happy to say it all turned out great. My mother said how good the house was looking and everyone enjoyed their presents! I finally felt like Cinderella from rags to a beautiful dress. The day turned out 100% awesome!

Family coming by is definitely a wonderful MOTIVATOR to get on the ball and really clean from top to bottom. 

Lastly, I have 2 more things. This Friday, the 8th, my son is going to be in the school spelling bee. I’m very proud of him because he had to tryout for it and made the finals at his school. He has study all winter break and I hope he does well.

Finally, this morning as I got out of bed my foot got caught in the blanket causing me to fall. I fell right into the side of the bedroom door. I have huge knots on each side of my head, forehead, and nose. However, no worries.

We have a new year ahead of us and want you all to stay positive, motivated, loved, inspired, and more!


Finding inspiration in a photograph



This a picture I took myself and wanted to use it for our Writing 101, Day 4 assignment. The last task was using one word for inspiration and this task is along the same lines but using a photograph for inspiration. I wanted to use this photo because when I saw this and snapped a pic with my cell phone, At first, I wondered what this even was.

Let me give you some clues:

  1. The picture was taken after a rainstorm
  2. It was taken in the parking lot
  3. It was the beginning of Summer
  4. The picture contains 3 elements: asphalt (parking lot), water, and the yellow swirls are up to you to guess.

I never understood why this photo brought so much happiness in me soul.  I felt this picture capture something so beautiful but the yellow swirls are usually an annoyance to some. It doesn’t bring me down but my fiance and son are affected by it. I don’t know if this is even making sense to anyone reading this but brings joy to me when I view this picture.

Enough rambling on, if you haven’t determined what the yellow swirls are in the picture, I hope you smile or laugh when I tell you. The yellow substance is POLLEN that the cars in the our apartment parking lot were coated in! The rainstorm washed it away and this was the final product. I just can’t explain how much amazement I find when I look at the photograph.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the picture and as always love any and all feedback

Good night all!


One word inspiration…….


If you were give one word and asked to write an article (in this case a blog post) based off that individual word could you do it? That was the basis of our Writing 101 day 3 assignment. To get things started we had 6 words/prompts to pick from, making it a bit less daunting, or so I thought.


There were no boundaries with our writing. It was open to interpretation. I wrote down each word, multiple times attempting to narrow it down to one. My mind had stories bouncing around for EVERY SINGLE word.

I decided to start narrowing the list down one by one. Then there 3, TREASURE, REGRET, AND UNCERTAINTY. I took into consideration of why I created my blog to begin with. It was built to be a blog that was positive, motivating, inspiring, and real life based on parts of my 34 years living in this society. Out of the top 3, my first choice was REGRET, but how to write a post that you want to be positive, motivating, and inspiring on a word that is defined as being sad/down on yourself due to mistakes, wrong choices, even missed opportunities from your past. It rings negativity to others.

After reading that last paragraph, your probably thinking REGRET got tossed out the window. Now here comes the SURPRISE……..

Can I get a DRUM ROLL, please. My final choice my come as a surprise but the final choice was, “REGRET.” I chose this word because I want to let others see that, REGRET, for me personally helped me turn my life around for the better. In short, my one word inspiration (regret) was replaced with an even better one word inspiration.

I was never good at math but since this was an equation with words. Here is my equation:


I can wallow in my own sorrows for myself and live in the past. The past is the past. Some people learn from their poor decision making and others let their past consume them. When all you do is focus on mistakes you make over the years, you are only hurting yourself. I am a prime example of that! Some decisions I made over the years not only hurt myself but my family, friends, aspirations, dreams, and who knows what else.

If you learn anything from this post is that regret can be a POWERFUL word in someone’s life but it doesn’t haven’t to be. I want the person reading this to know that whatever your past holds is not your future. It is up to YOU to learn from your past mistakes and take that knowledge to better yourself.

That is exactly what I did. I held on to the past instead of moving forward. When I finally began to start really viewing the world by taking it one day at a time, life began to CHANGE for me. I still have a long journey ahead of me but instead of always looking back over my should, I keep my eyes straight ahead and focus on the future, one day at a time.

Lastly, I want to share some things that I have experienced by changing my ways.

  1. I went back to college and earned my degree
  2. I found true love
  3. I started this blog
  4. I got sober and clean
  5. I am managing my health issues (Type 1 diabetes, epilepsy, depression, feeding tube, anxiety, thyroid issues, just to name a few) the right way
  6. The best things to me is I have become a better mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, aunt, cousin, niece, partner, and friend.

I hope this post caught someones attention or at least someone will at least skim through this post. I really put my heart and soul into this assignment because I dealt the regret for MANY YEARS! I don’t want to see another person dragged down by what this powerful word can do.


Almost there, 4 more too go!


Thank you to all of my followers/readers! I have 196 followers, 4 more to reach my goal/milestone. I can’t thank you guys for the support! Thank you to my current followers for the support, motivation, inspiration, and reblogs! I also want to thank my new followers too! I’m so excited and feel so thankful for all of the community.


Unforeseen circumstances 


I planned on doing my interviews today concerning relationships. I was unable to complete the interviews due to my health. Yesterday I was feeling a bit off, (more than usual), and went to my fiancé in the bedroom. I asked him if he would help me prepare my medications for my feeding tube. At this time I was experiencing what they call an Auro (basically knowing a seizure is coming, could be 5 secs. To 15 mins). After that I don’t remember a single thing. He said I just froze and it was as if I was staring straight thru him. I screamed before collapsing to the floor and seizing. 

I have had seizures (epilepsy) since I was 15.  I have been diagnosed with 3 types of epilepsy and they seem to be getting worse over the years despite taking high dosages of medications. What I hate about having epilepsy is the memory loss afterwards. I am thankful for my fiancé being there to protect me from myself basically. I bit my tongue pretty bad and endured some minor bruises.

Today has been challenging because for 24-48 hours after a seizure I don’t feel like myself. My thoughts are all jumbled up and my sleep schedule is out of whack. I am trying to stay positive and strong not just for me but also my 13 year old son. I hate when he witness’ me having a seizure and the effects after.  I see the neurologist this week, praying for some answers. I know there isn’t a cure for epilepsy but the medications have multiple side effects. The doctors suggested brain surgery but that scares me like crazy! However, those are my only 2 options, medicine or surgery. 

I know I am rambling on and on but this is a blessing having somewhere to write my thoughts with the best part, having you guys reading my words and commenting or just simply liking a post. Thank you for reading this post, it brings a smile to my face.