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Putting health and family first


I have been MIA for a few weeks now.  I was faced with medical issues and a family crisis that I had to put first.  It would have been selfish of me to not give my full attention to each matter.  During these past few weeks I was able to address certain health issues that I had been keeping at bay by doing the bare minimum.  I think I let myself over think each issue to the point I assumed it would all turn out negative.  I put my big girl pants on and faced each problem head on.  It wasn’t easy but I learned that not all issues have to end badly.  In the end, I took the steps needed to better my overall health.  I might not be able to cure some of my health issues like Type 1 diabetes, epilepsy, gastroparesis, or anxiety/depression/maniac bipolar, but I can follow my doctor’s orders, take my medicine, and stay positive.  I learned my lesson and think I am overall better for it.  Don’t let the negative thoughts overtake your thinking.  If you start feel like your world is crashing, just take a moment and BREATH, then stay focused on positivity.

In these past few weeks I have had some ups and downs.  My grandmother, who is 91, was struggling with back pain that the doctors couldn’t pinpoint what was causing it.  The doctors finally realized what was causing her this immense amount of pain.  She has a fractured vertebra that can only be healed overtime.  Due to her age this was her only option.  She is being made comfortable and looked after 24/7 where she stays.  I am happy that the doctors where able to locate the problem and she is recovering one day at a time.

On the positive side, my son celebrated his birthday, April 2nd.  He is now 14 and is such a kind, intelligent, and funny teenager.  He is going through his growth spurt and keeps getting taller than me everyday.  Some other things I have done over these past weeks were all happy times.  I spent Easter with my family (mom & dad), my sister, niece, and son.  It was a special time.  I even did some dancing on the Wii, which was probably more funny than anything.  My sister, niece (she is 6 yrs old), my son and myself went the local zoo.  Since I come from a small family, I cherish every moment I have with everyone, it is even more special when I am not sick or in the hospital and can actually participate.  I could go on and on but I will save it for another time.

The dust is now settling and I finally have the time to catch up with my emails, blog, and interviews.  I don’t want you guys to think I left you hanging.  I have an interview with a great blogger at https://insilencewesuffer.wordpress.com, that I plan to post this coming Friday.

I have so much to catch up on that if anyone wants to email me so I don’t miss a previous email then please do.  Also, I still am looking for more bloggers to do interviews or guest posts.  Never hesitate to email me at jenmotivates12@gmail.com.  Just make sure to put something in the subject line so it stands out!

Much love




Trying the catch up game


I wanted to share with everyone that I’ve been a bit behind on all my emails due to surgery on Thursday. I have some great bloggers I’m working with on doing interviews!

I may do the blog reviews but haven’t had much interest in them. Please never hesitate to email me at jenmotivates12@gmail.com if interested in doing something with me on my blog or for your blog! 

I don’t want to do interviews back to back so that each blogger has their day for their interview. I hope that is understandable.

Much love


What is coming up….


I’ve been at a loss on what to share next, since my interview with Jason (OpinionatedMan). Here is what I have cooking.

  1. An interview with my teenage son, Ethan about school and growing up.
  2. My birthday is next Wednesday and I will be 35. Kinda freaking out about it.
  3. Hopefully more interviews with you guys out there.
  4. Looking for bloggers who want to be in the first weekly blog review next week. I’m going to be doing 5 blogs at a time.
  5. Who knows, lol


Interviews coming up!


I wanted to give you all a quick update. I am looking forward to holding at least 2-3 interviews this coming week!

I’m super excited about these interviews! I look forward to introducing you all to some of my favorite blogs/bloggers.

In addition, in February, I’m wanting to do some blog reviews. Before that takes place I must ask the blogger who gave me the idea.

I hope you all are just as excited as I am with all the great things I have planned. 

Lastly, please comment below if interested in doing an interview or have your blog included in the weekly blog reviews as soon as the blogger who I got the idea okays it, which I think will turn out fine.


Interview with myself


My emotional background is developed with the answers to the following questions.

Name: Jennifer (aka Jen)

Age: 34 years old


  1. What is your greatest fault or flaw? My greatest fault was not taking care of my health issues seriously in my 20’s because I was in denial.
  2. What is your greatest strength? Standing up for what I believe in and learning from my past to better my future.
  3. What do you hate? Technically, I believe you shouldn’t hate things. You can disagree or dislike but never hate.
  4. What do you love? I love my family and boyfriend. I also love/thankful for each new day.
  5. What is your greatest fear? Is staying positive and showing others that our past, health, and more doesn’t define us!
  6. What is your dream? I have two dreams, one becoming a motivational speaker and writing a book. My third dream is finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes.
  7. What is your overall goal for your blog? I hope I can be a positive influence, motivating, inspiring, encouraging, and more to my fellow followers, readers, and bloggers.

Unforeseen circumstances 


I planned on doing my interviews today concerning relationships. I was unable to complete the interviews due to my health. Yesterday I was feeling a bit off, (more than usual), and went to my fiancé in the bedroom. I asked him if he would help me prepare my medications for my feeding tube. At this time I was experiencing what they call an Auro (basically knowing a seizure is coming, could be 5 secs. To 15 mins). After that I don’t remember a single thing. He said I just froze and it was as if I was staring straight thru him. I screamed before collapsing to the floor and seizing. 

I have had seizures (epilepsy) since I was 15.  I have been diagnosed with 3 types of epilepsy and they seem to be getting worse over the years despite taking high dosages of medications. What I hate about having epilepsy is the memory loss afterwards. I am thankful for my fiancé being there to protect me from myself basically. I bit my tongue pretty bad and endured some minor bruises.

Today has been challenging because for 24-48 hours after a seizure I don’t feel like myself. My thoughts are all jumbled up and my sleep schedule is out of whack. I am trying to stay positive and strong not just for me but also my 13 year old son. I hate when he witness’ me having a seizure and the effects after.  I see the neurologist this week, praying for some answers. I know there isn’t a cure for epilepsy but the medications have multiple side effects. The doctors suggested brain surgery but that scares me like crazy! However, those are my only 2 options, medicine or surgery. 

I know I am rambling on and on but this is a blessing having somewhere to write my thoughts with the best part, having you guys reading my words and commenting or just simply liking a post. Thank you for reading this post, it brings a smile to my face.

Looking for Guest blogger


I am still looking for someone to do a guest blogger interview. It will be an interview that focuses on motivation and a chance to highlight your blog as well. If interested please email me directly at jenmotivates12@gmail.com.

I also need guest bloggers for specific topics on a weekly basis. The topics will be anything from personal stories, overcoming a medical diagnosis, parenting, just needs a motivational or inspiring theme to the post. Again, if interested please email me at the email above.

Lastly, suggestions are always welcomed and encouraged.

So much to come but first….


My mind is overflowing with information, stories, and ideas for upcoming posts. I just started Blogging 201, and my first assignment is an interview. I hope to finish it tonight. I also have many poems to share and my blog is still a work in progress but it’s coming along. Still learning about the widgets. Hope everyone is enjoying their week and only gets better!