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Needed advice/help/suggestion/etc.


I wanted to say that I am determined to create an ebook by the summer. I really want to involve the blogger/readers/&writers community.

I will catch up soon with the quote challenge.

Back to writing an ebook and making money. 

  1. My first question is what would make you read a particular ebook?
  2. What genre is your favorite?
  3. What do you think the length should be?
  4. If you like short stories, then why do you prefer these.
  5. This is my idea. Doing by decades starting with the 70’s and have 3-5 short stories, 3 poems and pictures. This would be each decade with closer observation on the 2000’s.

I really need your all guidance. Thank you kindly!


Merry Christmas to ALL


I wanted to share a few pictures of my Christmas things. Now, this photo is just a few of all the items throughout my home. 

The picture includes my Christmas tree with my dog buddy, the top pic is countdown sign, and the bottom picture is my manger scene.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy holidays to all my followers, readers, and bloggers family!



The pre-show is starting…….


It is time to turn this home from everyday to oh my this is a festive, joyful, cheerful, sparkling , bright, jolly, happiness, and hearts filled with love as we decorate from top to bottom the Christmas tree, hang the stockings, and countdown till Santa arrives but nobody sees the before.



The after is going to knock the elf off the shelf. Time to get to work!