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Interview with B.G. of Getting Through Anxiety


I just did an interview with a wonderful blogger who goes by B.G. and is the author of the blog:


We did the interview by email so it’s kind of a Q and A type of interview.  There is so much in store for all the readers/followers/and bloggers out there reading this.  I am thrilled that B.G. agreed to do this interview with me because I have wanted to for a long time.  Let’s start with a piece B.G. wrote about the blog.

“Hi.  My name is  B.G. and I created by blog, Getting Through Anxiety, a little over two years ago.  I’ve struggled with anxiety for several years now and after my dad and therapist recommended that I write about my anxiety, I decided to do so.  Through struggling with anxiety, I have learned how difficult it can be to deal with a mental health issue.

While I created this blog in hopes of helping myself with my anxiety, it has done that and so much more.  In addition to being able to write down my feelings and experiences, I’ve been able to ‘meet’ others online who struggle with similar issues.  Many of these individuals have become great friends and we’ve been able to share both our struggles and accomplishments with each other.  I’ve found that when dealing with anxiety, support and education is key.

In addition to writing about my experiences with anxiety, I also enjoy writing poetry and sharing some of my sketches.  I have always enjoyed writing and I love to be able to help others through such a great medium.”

First and foremost I would like to thank B.G. for sharing with us a bit about the blog Getting Through Anxiety.  I feel there is so much more to this blog than meets the eye.  Let’s get started with some questions.

B.G., on your about page you talk about how your blog is a way for you to share your experiences with anxiety and offer any advice you think is helpful to those who struggle with similar issues.  I myself struggle with anxiety and it can be difficult at times.  What is something that you feel not only helps you with your anxiety but could also help others dealing with anxiety?

I think the most important thing when dealing with anxiety is to remember that different methods help different people.  Not every method is guaranteed to help every single individual.

However, in my experience, I think the best way to deal with anxiety is to use exposure therapy; to expose yourself in small manageable steps to things that you find anxiety-inducing.  For example, if standing in line makes you anxious, you could slowly stand in shorter lines for short periods of time and then slowly increase the amount of time you do so.

I also think that finding positive distractions to focus on is essential when conquering anxiety.  I know for me, I worry about a lot of irrational things.  If I’m not concentrating on my anxiety, I’m not feeling the symptoms.

Below is a picture with random words and a quote that you created yourself.  On your blog you have a page for all your quotes, images, and drawings that you created yourself.

presentfuture1.png (291×322)

This is one of my favorite ones.  What is your favorite quote and what made you create this particular picture?

My favorite quote that I made up is, “Fear is a liar.  The best weapon against it is the truth.”  This is my favorite because anxiety is always trying to convince me that I am unable to do things.  I know though that this isn’t true.

I created the above picture and quote because I feel that as long as you’re working hard on a consistent basis to get through your obstacles, there is no reason to worry about the future.  I know this can be a hard thing to do sometimes, but I really believe that if we work our hardest, we can get through our obstacles.

The top of the image includes all of the things that will lead to success, progress, etc. and the words on the bottom of the image illustrates the effects that working hard will have on us.

Next I would like to talk about the other blog, Battle of Mind.  There is a page on your blog that links to this blog for everyone to read.  The link is https://blog.battleofmind.com.  One of my favorite posts on this blog is OVERTHINKING-How to break the cycle.  Could you please share some of your points you made in this post that you find helpful?

While I didn’t create the blog, Battle of Mind, I have contributed some guest posts and did write that particular post.

I find thinking about something positive, doing something positive, realizing that negative thoughts make things worse, and reminding yourself that irrational thoughts are irrational important steps to overcoming overthinking.  Overthinking is such an issue for anxiety sufferers and it can lead to so much unnecessary stress.  By thinking and doing something positive, we are concentrating on something we enjoy instead of something that causes us anxiety.  Doing something constructive with our time helps us to do something helpful instead of harmful.

Additionally, we need to realize that concentrating on our negative thoughts only makes us feel like they are real.  So many of our thoughts are just that-thoughts.  Sometimes we spend so much time thinking negatively that we actually bring anxiety upon ourselves.  Something else that is really important is to remind ourselves that when we think irrational thoughts, they have no real substance.  We need to keep reminding ourselves that we are stronger than our anxiety.

I love the post, “Ideas for tracking progress.”  I love the positivity about this post.  It reminds us to stay positive about dealing with anxiety and moving forward.  You gave some great suggestions but one I would like to talk about is, Write daily progress reports.  Someone dealing with anxiety or other mental health issue, how would you suggest someone do this with all that life has going on a daily basis?  Since I deal with anxiety myself I love the idea of daily progress reports but not sure how to get started.

This is an excellent question.  While I admit that it’s not always easy to keep up with, I find that an excellent idea is to set our phone alarms if we can to go off and remind us to practice facing our fears in some way.  This can be by taking small steps to overcome our anxiety either by using exposure therapy or by doing helpful stretches and exercises.

Each time we take a step towards getting through our anxiety, we can write down the time and what we did.  This way we can look back and see what progress we made.  Also, if we didn’t do much one day, we can figure out what we should do the next day so that we can improve.

I am a big advocate for mental health awareness.  What are your feelings or thoughts on this subject?  What would you say to the non-believers?

I think that educating others on mental health is extremely important.  There are so many individuals that struggle with mental health issues and who have family or friends who don’t understand.  For any people out there who don’t believe their loved ones struggle, I ask that you please have an open mind and heart.  Some people are really struggling and lending a helping hand might help that person immensely.

I wanted to touch on all the awards that you have received and the few you have created.  First, congratulations.  Some of the awards your blog (and you) have received are: Liebster award, Sunshine Blogger award, The Versatile blogger award, Dragon’s Loyalty award, The Epically Awesome award for EPIC AWESOMENESS, Blogger Recognition award, The Creative blogger award, The Shine and be Awesome award, The INFINITY DREAMS award, The SANDYCADEMY award, The Miranda sings award, and the Spirit Animal award.  That is one heck of a list!  What do you think contributes to getting nominated for these awards? What are some suggestions you have to all the readers (bloggers) for their blog?

First of all, thank you!

Honestly, I think that I get nominated for awards because people enjoy reading my blog and feel that they can connect with my experiences.  I’ve said this before, but I never imagined I’d meet so many lovely people and that so many individuals struggle with mental health issues.  However, I have learned that there are a great deal of people who are seeking help and who have a lot of wonderful advice and talents to share.

I think what makes a good blog is one that is written by someone who is honest and who genuinely cares about their readers and about the subject that they are writing about.  I think good blogs and bloggers try to connect with their readers and offer kindness and understanding.

You have also created awards.  They are: The Quotable Blogger award, The Kind blogger award, The Amazing Talented Bloggers award, and the B.G. Getting Through Anxiety Talent Blog challenge.  What made you create these awards and challenge?

I started out creating awards because I thought they were a really cool way to show appreciation for other blogs and bloggers.  I guess I just wanted to be a part of the creation process.  Also, I started noticing that a lot of people don’t think that they’re talented, which is far from the truth.  That’s why I created the B.G. Getting Through Anxiety Talent Challenge.

You nominated all your readers/followers/bloggers community for the Amazing Talented Bloggers award.  What do your followers need to do to complete and accept this award?

Well, they don’t have to but the reason I nominated everyone is because I think that every blogger is creative.  Creating a blog is a really amazing thing to do and I think it requires some creativity, especially to make it successful.

You also nominated everyone for the B.G. Getting Through Anxiety Talent Blog challenge.  I have included the link to the post announcing this challenge.  It will show readers what to do to participate.  Here is the link:  https://gettingthroughanxiety.wordpress.com/2016/03/10/introducing/

I know I plan on participating in both the challenge and award!  Thank you for creating these.  They are both great!

You’re very welcome!

I want to include something fun about you and your blog.  What is your dream vacation?

I’d love to go to Italy!  The artwork there is amazing and my grandma was Sicilian.

Lastly, the quote on your about page, “A world without goals is like life without water-DRY, STALE, and IMPOSSIBLE to LIVE WITHOUT.”  Could you leave us with a goal(s) you have or goals we could all work on?

Well my main goal is to get through my anxiety and learn to manage it better.  I also want to be a professional writer one day.  I think everyone’s goal in life is just to be happy, healthy, and kind.

That ends this interview with B.G. the author of https://gettingthroughanxiety.wordpress.com blog.  Thank you B.G. for taking your time to do this interview.  I greatly appreciate it and hope all the readers enjoyed it as much as I did!

Thank you, Jen!

Much Love



Milestone REACHED


I reached a milestone of 1,000 LIKES on my blog and really made me happy along with inspired, motivated, encouraged, uplifted, and the list goes on!  I want to thank all my readers, followers, and bloggers family/community, it is because of you that I reached this milestone!  With that said, I owe you many thanks!!!

My next goal is to reach 300 followers on WordPress and even more on the other sites!


Reaching out to all as a MOTHER


I’m coming to my readers/follows/and fellow bloggers family as a mother. My 13 year old son was making eggs at his friends house this morning with cooking oil (he knows better on that) but as he was emptying the pan with his left hand the oil splattered. It burned his right arm from the elbow down to his hand. The worst part is the second degree burns on his wrist with the entire forearm and hand are 1st degree burns bordering on the line of 2nd degree.

He is in immense pain and agony. I know this isn’t an emergency but as a mother I’m having a difficult time seeing my son hurting so bad.

The reason I wrote this post was to reach out to all of you for prayers, good vibes, positivity, support, advice, kindness or anything else. I thank you all for taking the time to read this.


Words aren’t enough….


I just reached 200 followers, but I couldn’t of done it without each individual, who chose to follow my blog! I am beyond words. I know I have said thank you so many times but it’s not just words, I truly am whole heartedly thankful from the bottom of my heart! I’m so fortunate to have such a diverse, kind, smart, funny, motivating, inspirational, supportive (and this list could go on) community from all over the world of amazing bloggers that I respect and have chosen to take this journey with me through the blogosphere!



Personal thank you


I want to give a HUGE shout out to fellow blogger, OM (aka: Opinionated Man) at his blog Harsh Reality. He is outstanding, informative, extremely supportive of fellow bloggers, an amazing writer, and a magnificent writer when it comes to poetry, posts, and even rants.

With all that said, his top two qualities in my opinion are his dedication to reply to every comment and supporting fellow bloggers by reblogging their posts.  He recently did this for me and I received more traffic to my blog than ever and I feel thank you is not enough for what he did.

A few things he might not even realize but he motivated me and inspired me to try harder in keeping up with my blog, social media, and supporting my fellow bloggers!

Please visit his site Harsh Reality here on WordPress. http://www.aopinionatedman.com

Time to take this to the next level!!

Time to take this to the next level!!

THIS POST IS ONE THAT I PRAY REACHES NOT JUST MY CURRENT FOLLOWERS, BUT WILL BRING MANY MORE OUR WAY, and turn this blog into your neighborhood coffee shop (or whatever is your happy place.

As I prepare for our upcoming events, which we will officially begin January 4th, Sunday, I want to give you a brief insight into what’s to come. Just remember the only way this will work is if stay motivated, positive, and MOST important team players by staying true to ourselves and fellow followers.

With that said, let me outline a few of the upcoming posts I’m working on and never forget that your comments/input are ALWAYS ENCOURAGED. There’s never bad suggestions. Here is a brief and tentative ideas for the coming week.

1) Beginning my first attempt writing an ebook with hopes of including my followers and knowing I will receive top notch criticism, praise, along with valuable input and the best is having my followers help by crushing any writers block (when breaking from candy crush app, haha).
2) Find the number one app for video sessions, that is free for all, easy for all to join and currently group chats will focus on one specific topic, such as; motivational empowerment ; relationships/divorce/parenting; health topics with focus on refusing letting you and others define your self worth by a doctors diagnosis ; or telling your life story ( you never know who you might touch with your positivity . Each session is intended to be a safe haven for all along with encouragement that everyone knows they are not only being heard but having a place to come where you aren’t afraid of being judged or laughed at can be MAJOR for many people. Before we schedule our first conference call/session meeting, we will set up a trial run to test the vibe, call clarity, and my favorite the famous meet and greet.
3) I know this seems overwhelming but know in your heart this blog is for motivation in today’s society , helping you stay focused and positive (the world looks so much better when you leave the negative out of the equation and put your focus towards this beautiful life created for you and I.
4) I am shooting for 1-2 motivational speakers a week during our group sessions.

There is a boatload to come, that’s only going to get better over the months from not only valuable insight, support, guidance, and my hopes of memorable events who was once just a fellow blogger is now a close friend, and the blog that began as just something to do could open a sea of opportunities that could be more than a job, even more than a career, the possibilities are MASSIVE!

Remember , this is just a taste of what lays ahead. I will stop there. Please leave a comment with your contact info along with your name, times available and a form of email to reach you with additional information. As of this moment the plan is getting started this Sunday after dinner say 6:30, which does depend on how many actually participate entirely and time availabilities but I will be posting more later this afternoon.

Females listen up!


For years now I have never been able to grasp the reality of women hating on other women. With the women movements I would think we would be supportive of one another. This is a foreign concept to many women and I don’t understand why. I feel in some ways we as females are racist towards our fellow females.

We wonder why women still make less then men or why there are so few women in politics. The reason is our own selfishness and jealousy. We have to stop being so insecure and start supporting our fellow females, being better friends, voting for female candidates ( if you agree with their views of course), stop having affairs or sleeping with our girlfriends man, be happy if your friend gets that job promotion and the list is never ending.

To all that read this, tell your friends today something nice or compliment them. Let’s work together to empower one another and set the standard for our youth to follow.