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A simple THANK YOU 


I talked about coloring the other day and found an app on my iPad to color pictures (so to say). I created this one below for all my readers/followers/bloggers community. It’s just the simple saying, “Thank you.”

I wanted to say to everyone how thankful I am to have such an amazing community and am grateful for the people I have met through my blog. I never thought I would meet so many wonderful bloggers that have not only read my posts but the inspiration I have found by reading all of your blogs.  

Much love


Update on Cinderella and my son


I guess I will start with my son. As most of you know he severely burnt his arm from the elbow to his hand with cooking oil. It was awful! With proper ointment and all my readers, followers, and blogger families wonderful prayers, good thoughts, kind words and more, I’m proud to say his arm has healed amazingly! No infection and just 2 nasty scabs I got to keep him from picking at. He returns to school tomorrow and since it is cold here, he will be able to wear long sleeves. He won’t have to be answering loads of questions.

Second, is my Cinderella rags post about cleaning before my family came over on January 1st to exchange presents since I was sick on Christmas. My mom can be a stickler on cleanliness. I am happy to say it all turned out great. My mother said how good the house was looking and everyone enjoyed their presents! I finally felt like Cinderella from rags to a beautiful dress. The day turned out 100% awesome!

Family coming by is definitely a wonderful MOTIVATOR to get on the ball and really clean from top to bottom. 

Lastly, I have 2 more things. This Friday, the 8th, my son is going to be in the school spelling bee. I’m very proud of him because he had to tryout for it and made the finals at his school. He has study all winter break and I hope he does well.

Finally, this morning as I got out of bed my foot got caught in the blanket causing me to fall. I fell right into the side of the bedroom door. I have huge knots on each side of my head, forehead, and nose. However, no worries.

We have a new year ahead of us and want you all to stay positive, motivated, loved, inspired, and more!


Words aren’t enough….


I just reached 200 followers, but I couldn’t of done it without each individual, who chose to follow my blog! I am beyond words. I know I have said thank you so many times but it’s not just words, I truly am whole heartedly thankful from the bottom of my heart! I’m so fortunate to have such a diverse, kind, smart, funny, motivating, inspirational, supportive (and this list could go on) community from all over the world of amazing bloggers that I respect and have chosen to take this journey with me through the blogosphere!



Almost there, 4 more too go!


Thank you to all of my followers/readers! I have 196 followers, 4 more to reach my goal/milestone. I can’t thank you guys for the support! Thank you to my current followers for the support, motivation, inspiration, and reblogs! I also want to thank my new followers too! I’m so excited and feel so thankful for all of the community.