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This BLOG is looking for YOU!


To kick things off, I was discharged from the hospital today! I was welcomed home with love from my son, Ethan (waiting on the front porch), my dog, Buddy barking and jumping like crazy, and my boyfriend. Hugs all around! It was nice to come home to a clean house with nothing for me to do except rest and well, BLOG.

I am laying out ideas for creating my blog more user friendly with added features. This is where my fellow readers/followers come in. HEY YOU OVERTHERE, I’M TALKING TO YOU AND YOU AND EVEN YOU!

As one blogger to another, I am asking for your input. Each one of you. Please comment below with what you want to see when you come by this blog. Don’t be shy, honesty is the best policy! I created this blog not for myself but to reach others allowing them to truly know that they aren’t alone and someone is listening. 

I am looking forward to hearing your feedback, ideas, thoughts, and even bloggers who want to do an interview with me. If interested in doing an interview, leave a link to your blog and why you want to do an interview. I will make sure to get back each person. 

Happy Anniversary!!!


Happy anniversary to my boyfriend, Ryan.  It has been 7 years today.  In some states we would be married by common law. Even though we haven’t taken the next step, marriage, we have our reasons.  We know the day will come but my soul mate, true love, babe, or just my man Ryan, has a wish for our wedding day.

That WISH is:

“Jen I want you to be healthy when you walk down the aisle and strong enough to enjoy our wedding, reception, and honeymoon.”

Ryan has been by my side through it all and he is my hero.  He has never judged me by my past, health issues, and always loved me for me!

Happy Anniversary, my love! I have loved through it all.  I still remember our 1st date and how I couldn’t wait to call my mom because I knew that very night you were the one and I finally found true love.  Thank you!  I love you!!!