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Merry Christmas to ALL


I wanted to share a few pictures of my Christmas things. Now, this photo is just a few of all the items throughout my home. 

The picture includes my Christmas tree with my dog buddy, the top pic is countdown sign, and the bottom picture is my manger scene.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy holidays to all my followers, readers, and bloggers family!



What’s your Christmas morning tradition?


With Christmas around the corner, I thought I would ask everyone what is your Christmas Day morning/day tradition? I want include everyone so if you celebrate something else please share too.

The one Christmas morning tradition I do and have since I was little is making cinnamon rolls with hot chocolate. After the opening of gifts we go to my parents house then as a family we go to the candlelight vigil at church. 

I look forward to hearing from you all of your traditions.

Merry Christmas video 


This video is just something I created for fun and free on the elf app. I thought it might bring a smile because it did for me. The faces of the Elfs are myself, niece, son, sister and my boyfriend. I hope you enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

Question of the week!


Since it’s December and Christmas will be coming soon, I came up with a question about the Christmas season.

Here we go: What is ONE TRAIT or CHARACTERISTIC about yourself that you wish you had more of or just plain had?

My answer is something I have always battled with and that is procrastination.

With that, I hand it over to you. What trait or characteristic would you ask Santa Clause for this Christmas?

Had to do it!


My focus was taken from this blog and put my focus on my family, friends, my health, and enjoying the holidays with my family. I have posted a few pictures and later today, well you will just have to see.





The pre-show is starting…….


It is time to turn this home from everyday to oh my this is a festive, joyful, cheerful, sparkling , bright, jolly, happiness, and hearts filled with love as we decorate from top to bottom the Christmas tree, hang the stockings, and countdown till Santa arrives but nobody sees the before.



The after is going to knock the elf off the shelf. Time to get to work!