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Do you want a blog review or interview for your blog?


I wanted to start doing blog reviews last month but didn’t get around to it. As long as I have the desire from other bloggers then I will start weekly blog reviews. I only want to do 3 blogs a week. 

I am always looking for bloggers wanting to do an interview with me. I like to focus on the persons’ blog and then focus on questions about their blog or an interview focused on motivation along with the other categories on my blog.

If interested please comment below and contact me by email at Please include in the subject line which your interested in and a little something about what your interested in talking about (interview) or information about your blog (blog reviews).

If I don’t get enough interest then I will let everyone know. I hope you give either choice a consideration.

Much love


Yes or No


Is the word today ‘yes’ or ‘no’

Today was the day that ‘yes’ had overruled her simple ‘no’

‘Yes,’ ‘Yes,’ ‘Yes,’ had become second nature to them

‘No,’ was a rarely spoken word  around those ‘Yes’ characters

The word ‘yes’ had manipulated their ability to say ‘no’ and end

the continued day in and day out cycle

‘Yes’ had so eloquently taken over their mind that ‘yes’ had controlled

even their hand to mouth movement

Dragging them unknowingly further from reality into a spiral

vortex taking the few unfortunate to where they no longer could grab

a hold of the ladder that would bring them back to the real

world of reality again

As they fall deeper into the claws’,  that one word, ‘yes’ was easily

visible as the root of this vicious cycle

As her body yearned to say ‘yes’ she stayed strong

Now the dilemma of how the ‘no’  might change the night

However, she had learned that saying ‘yes’ over and over about

killed her along the way

Her ‘no’ was the only one

The outlandish and harsh attacks had they lost their sense of reality by

saying  ‘yes’ and caused them to outcast the only ‘no’ but she kept her

clear head and knew she did the right thing

She now enjoys the beauty of her soul from learning to say ‘no’

Never let ‘no’ question your decisions because the ‘yes’ will only be

temporary as the ‘no’ might make you feel like a goody two-shoes

but you will be able to enjoy the presence of real beauty and not lost in this

temporary world of false motivations making you feel the

laughter with silent sorrow from the ‘no’ crowd

while the ‘yes’ crowd is laughing beyond control not understanding

that the laughing is not with them but at them

When all is said and done the ones who say ‘no’ will win in the long run

Take this from the person writing this poem

Being on the brink of death multiple times eventually will bring a

dynamite kick in the pants

Listen from the words of someone who has experienced both sides

of the ‘yes’ and ‘no.’

By: Jen B.


Hope you all enjoyed this poem. It had been stirring at my heart strings to write it.

Needed advice/help/suggestion/etc.


I wanted to say that I am determined to create an ebook by the summer. I really want to involve the blogger/readers/&writers community.

I will catch up soon with the quote challenge.

Back to writing an ebook and making money. 

  1. My first question is what would make you read a particular ebook?
  2. What genre is your favorite?
  3. What do you think the length should be?
  4. If you like short stories, then why do you prefer these.
  5. This is my idea. Doing by decades starting with the 70’s and have 3-5 short stories, 3 poems and pictures. This would be each decade with closer observation on the 2000’s.

I really need your all guidance. Thank you kindly!


New Year poem


The time is near
It’s almost a new year
So many memories from this past year

Looking forward to the new memories awaiting to happen

So many birthdays throughout the year

And many important holidays

Have I started my new year resolution list

I need to be thinking about it

Maybe a bucket list for this year

It’s election year here in the US

Which is going to be interesting

All I want is happiness,love,luck,peace, and everything positive for all my readers, followers,and blogger family/community

Happy New Year to all


“I am”


This poem is something that everyone can do. If your down, having a bad day, or just unhappy, just take the words in bold and answer them. Pretty much fill in the blank. The first sentence starts with, “I AM,” and you finish it by writing two characteristics about yourself. It doesn’t have to rhyme, just come from the heart. When I finished this poem, I smiled because it made me feel good about myself. Here is the poem I did.


I AM a positive and empowered woman

I wonder about today’s society

I hear the bustle in the bushes from the many animals living there

I see areas of improvement I can make in my life

I want to make an impact

I AM a positive and empowered mother

I pretend that I’m healthy

I feel I could do more

I think about writing a book

I worry about how my health effects my family, especially my son

I cry when the innocence of a child is taken away to soon

I AM a positive and empowered friend

I understand I’m not always right

I say things sometimes before thinking

I dream they will find a cure for type 1 & 2 diabetes in my lifetime

I try to speak up when appropriate and hold my tongue when I should

I hope to motivate, inspire, encourage, educate, empower, and learn from others

I AM  a positive and empowered daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, niece, parent, granddaughter, companion, friend, blogger, and fighter


This poem is 100% from my heart. I hope you enjoyed it. I encourage you to take all the words in bold and write your own poem. It can make you feel good inside, at least it did for me. If you decide to write an “I am,” poem please let me know and I will share it on my blog if you like.

Check this out, made my day!


This is one of my TOP blogs and my blog was one of the ones reviewed. I was so happy when I read the weekly blog review Jason does. I included the link to the post. Please check it out and all his other great posts!


Let me know if the links don’t work.



I write because…

I write because…

Writing 101-assignment 1

This post is a long one but worth reading, well in my opinion. So the 1st writing assignment was a question. It’s like an interview with myself. I ask myself, “jennifer, why do you write?”

My mind starts spinning and is flooded with reasons. Where do I begin?how do I put my thoughts into words? I know why I write, but to explain it with writing seems to be a challenge. I am determine to complete this assignment tonight (it’s 11:07 PM, Sunday). I have procrastinated this entire week and trying my hardest to get all my ducks in a row.

As I ponder this question, my very first instinct is to think back to my middle/high school days(6th-12th grade). I actually started when I was only in elementary (4th), now, at this age it was more schoolwork. Haha! However, amy teacher really peaked my interest in writing when we connected with another school and given assigned pen pals, my writing pen pal was Sven. The icing on the top was that our pen pals were in another country, Norway. It was a great experience. I see that this was the beginning of my love for writing letters.

After moving to middle school (6th grade), I gradually began writing more, started a secret diary I kept under my bed. Cell phones, social media, Internet, and more were being invented but landlines, journaling, and handwritten letters made people interactive/communicate unlike now. Technology is great but it has controlled peoples lives which is heartbreaking. Look back, high school was were my my passion/love for writing started to grow.

I was very young when I wrote my first poem (10-11 yrs. old). High school (9th-10th grade) is when I started writing more: poems, notes, and keeping a diary. I have poems from 1997 to present! No one will argue that I’m a talked, people person, and love speaker in any situation. Don’t think I have something that can be very stressing, hard to change and has hindered me in ways but I tend to tackle it head on (which I’ve done for years)! I have always been extremely passionate about things.Basically my emotions would reach boiling points and became difficult and overwhelming to handle. When all else fails, WRITE. my outlet was my writing.

As years went by, my passion/love for writing only grew bigger in my heart and soul. I will find a way to write, and some pieces were out there, funny, questionable, etc.. My best friend & I in our 20’s loved writing this crazy A-Z lists about random topics, but I got to write. We even had a journal that all who came to my apartment were asked to live an entry in the journal.

As I finish up this assignment, FINALLY, I ask again, “Why do I write, blog, and my goals.

Here is the summed up answer:             

  1. I write simply because I can 🙂
  2. I have always dreamed of becoming a writer plus motivational speaker
  3. My heart and others say I have a story to tell that will relate, help, motivate others
  4. My blog was started to motivate or offer a lending hand for any person asking
  5. My blog was started for myself and hope to slowly grow it by reaching others through motivation

Lastly, I don’t think words fully express the reason I write/blog.

** I know this post is long, late, and I would love feedback. This assignment was clear in my thoughts but I’ve struggled getting it completed. **


The Burning Question


I have this burning question in my head. I thought by now I would have it, understand it, or know something more than I do now, which is not one thing. I know I thought I had it many times. One thing I know is I’m not anywhere near it. I honestly believe I should have it, or at least sometime soon. I deserve it and so does EVERYONE. I think I need to understand it before I experience it. One problem, I need that someone to figure it out with to be able to have and live with it. 

Should you not know what I’m speaking of, you will very shortly. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE,which patience I seem to not have much of. I guess I will have to wait and wait because I have faith I will find it. 

One thing I will do until then, is ask the forever burning question…..

What is LOVE?