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Adult coloring books 


I am a big fan of coloring and painting. Really anything that has to do with DIY projects. When I’m in the hospital coloring it is the best thing to past the time. I remember the time when another patient (that was being discharged) brought me her coloring book with a sweet saying on the inside cover that made my day. It’s a wonder how the small things in life can bring you so much joy, happiness, and a smile to your face.

I didn’t learn about adult coloring books till back in November when I was hospitalized and called the gift shop for ideas and the lady told me about the adult theme coloring books. I bought one and was so happy to get it. As I started on one of the pages I remember how the nurses would come in and comment on how it was looking.

The other day my friend asked where she could get one and I told her Walmart had tons of them. We went to go find her one and I was amazed to see how many there were and the different themes. They even have ones that have a picture on one page and a place to write your feelings on the other page. Needless to say the adult coloring is definitely catching on! I am currently working on one that is poster sized. It will take easily 3-6 months to complete.

The main reason I wanted to write about this subject today is because I have found that doing projects like coloring can be very uplifting. It also can help with stress, anxiety, and more. When you finish it you feel happy, joy, and motivated to do more activities like it. At least I do.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Please share!

Much love



Yes or No


Is the word today ‘yes’ or ‘no’

Today was the day that ‘yes’ had overruled her simple ‘no’

‘Yes,’ ‘Yes,’ ‘Yes,’ had become second nature to them

‘No,’ was a rarely spoken word  around those ‘Yes’ characters

The word ‘yes’ had manipulated their ability to say ‘no’ and end

the continued day in and day out cycle

‘Yes’ had so eloquently taken over their mind that ‘yes’ had controlled

even their hand to mouth movement

Dragging them unknowingly further from reality into a spiral

vortex taking the few unfortunate to where they no longer could grab

a hold of the ladder that would bring them back to the real

world of reality again

As they fall deeper into the claws’,  that one word, ‘yes’ was easily

visible as the root of this vicious cycle

As her body yearned to say ‘yes’ she stayed strong

Now the dilemma of how the ‘no’  might change the night

However, she had learned that saying ‘yes’ over and over about

killed her along the way

Her ‘no’ was the only one

The outlandish and harsh attacks had they lost their sense of reality by

saying  ‘yes’ and caused them to outcast the only ‘no’ but she kept her

clear head and knew she did the right thing

She now enjoys the beauty of her soul from learning to say ‘no’

Never let ‘no’ question your decisions because the ‘yes’ will only be

temporary as the ‘no’ might make you feel like a goody two-shoes

but you will be able to enjoy the presence of real beauty and not lost in this

temporary world of false motivations making you feel the

laughter with silent sorrow from the ‘no’ crowd

while the ‘yes’ crowd is laughing beyond control not understanding

that the laughing is not with them but at them

When all is said and done the ones who say ‘no’ will win in the long run

Take this from the person writing this poem

Being on the brink of death multiple times eventually will bring a

dynamite kick in the pants

Listen from the words of someone who has experienced both sides

of the ‘yes’ and ‘no.’

By: Jen B.


Hope you all enjoyed this poem. It had been stirring at my heart strings to write it.

2nd quote of 3 day challenge 


This is my 2nd quote of the 3 day challenge.  I know I haven’t stayed within the 3 days of the challenge but I want to at least do the 3 quotes.  I think this quote speaks for itself.  I believe that it is very true and I have experienced each and every sentence sometime in my life.


ONE WORD, can end a FIGHT.


ONE PERSON, can change your LIFE.”

How about yourself?  What do you think about this quote?  I would love to hear everyone’s comments as usual.  I have also listed three nominees at the bottom for the challenge.

Challenge rules and nominees:


  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Post 3 quotes in 3 days
  3. For each post nominate 3 other bloggers for the challenge





It still exists even if not seen!


As a child you are always told that your body was for you and to speak up if any adult ever hurts you through physical,verbal, or your no no zones.

When your a child mommy and daddy are the boo boo fixers and will be by your side when you have a tummy ache or just don’t feel good.

Sometimes you even got to play hooky from school.

Oh, how times do change as we became adults.

Some of us now face an even different response to our health diagnosis.

My experience has baffled me to say the least!

We have been shamed of our health issues, reaching points in our life where we no longer had supporters on our team making us the SOUL MEMBER of this dream team fighting a battle that others refused to listen, try to understand, hell couldn’t even show empathy.

To the it was just words and we were the cause of feeling this way. I even battle multiple medical issues, but I have always dealt with the daily understanding of MENTAL HEALTH ILLNESSES, which continues to be stigmatized worldwide!

When will the masses start admitting that these debilitating (for many)problems can be life altering and begin seeing how some of these diagnosis’ are minor to major. Some lives are beyond recognition because  of the lifestyle changes they must implement.

Mental illness disagreements has been ongoing between the non believers and believers for years. Just because it can’t be seen by you (a non-doctor) doesn’t make it disappear.

The entire world needs to STOP being insensitive to the cause and raise for awareness because multiple people of the population, battle some form of a mental health disorder.

Along with my other forms of medical diagnosis’, I have no problem admitting I suffer from anxiety, ADD, sleep disorder,depression,and lastly bi-polar disorder.

GUESS WHAT? I will not be ashamed not let a single person tell me, “It’s all in your head.”

Lastly, just because it can’t be seen doesn’t change a thing. Certain types of cancer can’t be seen on the outside of someone’s body but it still exists.

I hope this sound off (which wasn’t meaning to) has helped another or brought awareness to someone.

I’m really pumped to hear the community’s thought on this post. Never be concerned about being the real you on here. I will say this flowed straight from heart and soul!


3 quotes 3 days


I was nominated by a great blogger for this challenge.  It’s 3 quotes in 3 days. Before my quote, I want to thank the blogger who nominated me.
Her blog is
She writes an outstanding blog along with posts that are from the heart, soul, & beneficial to the reader. Not only are her blog posts wonderful to read, she also supports the blogging community. I hope to do an interview with her soon.
My quote for today is my favorite quote. It is a quote reminding yourself to stay true to themselves.
“You were born an original, don’t die a COPY.”

That is my first quote for the first day but it’s a challenge too. I hope the blogs I nominate to participate each day will join the challenge.
Here are the rules:
1. 3 quotes in 3 days
2. Thank the person who nominates you
3. Nominate 3 blogs each day of the 3 days to participate in the challenge

Here are my nominees:
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3. Https://

I hope I got all this right.

How are you limiting yourself?


I have an app on my Ipad that is called Brainsparker and it gives you simple questions, quotes, ideas, and pictures to give you a boost for your writing.  I have a wondrous list of favorites with this app that has sparked my writing creativity for blog posts! The title of this post is just one of many I decided to start with.

I feel that I haven’t delivered properly on my blog for my readers/followers/bloggers community and I need to gain your trust again that I will be more active.  I also need to prove this with results through my blog.

Back to the title of this post, how are you limiting yourself?  As I answer this question, I challenge each one of you to ask yourself this same question. Maybe, you are willing to take this journey with me on the multiple posts coming with titles like this or pictures and even quotes.

I have been limiting myself due mainly to procrastination.  I have always had this problem because I let clutter fill up my mind and trying to get it organized is a task in itself.  Not only has this been limiting, I have also had so many doctor appointments within the last few weeks that even though they have turned out positive I let myself worry myself into a tailspin of unneeded what-ifs.

Now comes the question about what my plan is to overcome this issue and stop letting this jeopardize my writing for my blog and my goals of writing a book, doing the interviews I promised, along with the blog reviews of all these amazing blogs that deserve the feedback.  

I have been focused on decluttering my mind.  I have taken steps by devoting each room of my home and making each room more organized.  I have created a nook with all my writing materials along with a new chromebook to work off of.  I have been working on letting go of unneeded and unused things to donate to Goodwill. This has provided me additional space to properly place pieces that I currently need.  I also have finally reorganized my kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Another big issue I am tackling is getting all my doctor’s appointments, medicine, and anything health related placed in the needed places, which has made things extremely less stressful.  It has made everything simpler keeping track of it all.

Lastly, has been the hardest of all.  This is my continue battle with procrastination.  Dealing with this is something I have to address within myself.  I continue to tell my inner-self that I must only tackle one task at a time.  For me this is extremely hard to conquer.  I have a long way to go but I am trying one day at a time.  I have grasped the understanding that this can’t be done overnight but with willingness, being persistent and devoted I can achieve these goals that are limiting me.

I would love to hear your comments on this post.  I am open to any suggestions and all advice will be greatly appreciated.  I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your responses.


Happy Birthday 


Just want to touch base with everyone. I’ve been very busy and not been able to post much. I’ve had so many doctors appointments but they have all turned out good.

Today, February 3rd, is my birthday and I’m now 35 years old. Don’t mean to toot my own horn but this a big milestone for me. With all my health issues, some would say I’m lucky to be alive. I never thought I’d make it to this point but by the grace of God and changing my life around I am!

I am so thankful for this day. I’m thankful for all of my readers/followers/and blogger community, my family, my fiancé, friends, and doctors in my life. I was not looking forward to this milestone but realized how much I have in my life.




So, I was reading the February issue of Cosmopolitan (U.S.) about staying positive and motivated in the workplace. Even though I’m a stay at home mom and blogger I wanted to share a simple game that everyone can do, work or not.

Does everyone remember the game “I spy with my little eye…?”

After a long day at work or home try playing this game. The difference is find 3 things no matter how small and say to yourself, “I spy with my little eye ______ and it makes me smile.

I think this a great idea for a pick me up and motivating. What do you all think?